Hi! I'm Charlotte

After spending a number of years working in Marketing and Events I have come to realise that this is where my passion lies. I absolutely love planning events, researching ideas and ensuring that these events run as smoothly as possible. I have been lucky to have what I feel is a varied and exciting career over the years as I have had the pleasure of arranging a diverse range of events including running Weddings at the most gorgeous venue in Cambridge, arranging PR Events showcasing the new season ranges to the UK fashion press, planning conferences for the Pharmaceutical world and within my role at the moment as Marketing Director I plan a number of events included our Charity fundraising events, our quarterly promo events and also our Summer party. 

Although I may not be as particular in every day life but when it comes to planning and running 

an event it has to be perfect. I thrive on making sure everything is done 100% correct and if it isn't then my anxiety hits the roof!  

Along with work events I thrive on helping family and friends plan events such as hen parties, baby showers, birthday parties and even weddings. I love to offer my help where I can as I want to help make sure my friends and family have the best event ever for these special days. These days are full of memories which are with people forever and it brings me so much joy to help arrange these perfect days for people. I believe it is so special to document these dates with photos and memorabilia, so that they can never be forgotten.

I took the decision recently to relaunch my blog and to include two new sections 'Family' and 'Lifestyle' The reason for this is as a new Mum I wanted to write about things which have become important to me over the last 2 years which I would never have thought about before becoming a Mum. I also have a love for interior design, crafting and marketing 

I hope you find my blog full of inspiring concepts, including useful tips, suggestions and most of all thoughtful ideas; one's which will create the perfect event for you and your loved ones to enjoy and cherish. I also hope you like hearing about my son Ethan and my loves in life. 


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