• Charlotte Woods

A magical Fairy Themed Kids Party

Unfortunately, I can take no credit for this magical party but I had to share it with you all to show what is possible if you have the skills and budget.

This party was planned for my niece Ivy, and was put together my her Mum Jess and Granny Jenny. I knew that Jenny was making toadstool cushions and knitting toadstool decorations but I had no idea it would work so magically together. I love how they have taken a crowded nursery room and made it their own. The layout with the grass mat and cushions and the two lighted trees surrounding if was just perfect. It set the scene for the party and wowed me as I walked in. If it wowed me I can only imagine what the children thought!

A table dedicated to face painting and tattoos was set up which the children loved. A number of them had tattoos put on as soon as they arrived. They were all so hyper. A lot of the children came in fairy dresses to fit with the theme, which made it even more magical.

A fairy was hired for an hour from http://dreamsandwishesevents.co.uk/

to entertain the children. They were mesmerised by her with Ivy saying to her older brother. ‘’There’s a real fairy here and I spoke with her‘’.... how adorable. From this comment I would say that the birthday girl had the perfect party.

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