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How to choose a Wedding Favour which reflects you as a couple.

The Wedding Industry is huge and offers those getting married such a diverse range of products to choose from. I have never had to plan my own Wedding, however, I can imagine it can be very confusing for couple's when it comes to deciding which Favour to offer and actually do you need to offer your guests something more than the traditional sugared almonds? I would say this is completely down to you and if you don't feel the need to offer something above and beyond this then don't feel like you have to.

Over the year's I have been to number of Wedding's and have received some gorgeous Wedding Favours, including a Perfume bottle, a wooden heart decoration, a tea cup, a plant, a personalised shot bottle and a heart shaped lavender decoration. I have also received sugared almonds, chocolates and sweets. Although I love the personalised gifts which I am able to keep to remind me of said special day, I do feel that whatever you receive is special as you have been invited to celebrate this very special day with your friends or family.

To get you started I would suggest you consider the following;

* Is there anything friends and family associate with you?

* Is there something you both love to do? Travel or animals for example.

* Is there a colour theme for your wedding?

* Is there a theme which works with your colour palette?

* What budget do we have to use on favours?

Your final favour will depend upon your budget and how much you can afford to spend on this little extra. Some people may feel that a favour is not important for their special day whilst others would want to ensure that they provide their guests with a memorable favour. Once you have decided on a budget the next move is to start your search looking for what you would feel would work with your Wedding theme and reflect you as a couple.

The key website's I would recommend for favours are 'Etsy' and 'Not on the High Street'. The reason for choosing these websites is because they both support small businesses and I love the handmade industry. I feel it is so important to support small independent businesses. However if these are not for you there are a number of other sites all you need to do is Google.

Etsy : If you are looking for something handmade and / or personalised then I feel this one of the best site's for such gifts. I would also suggest that once you have found the favour you would like to gift your wedding guests, then do some research and see if there are any local artists who could help with your favours.

Not on the High Street : This is by far one of my favourite website's and is my go to place when searching for a gift. I love the diverse range of products available from Independent designers.

Along with my two favourite sites there are a number of other websites which include favours. I have listed a few other websites to showcase the diverse range of products and prices.

UK Wedding Favours

Bridge & Groom Direct

Wedding in a Tea Cup

I do hope this article helps those who take the time to read it. I wish you luck in finding the perfect favour for your Wedding. My advice would be to go with your personal feelings on this Wedding tradition don't just go with it because it's a trendy idea.

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