• Charlotte Woods

I loved being creative and making my own Nappy Cake. 

I have always wondered how hard it would be to make your own 'Nappy Cake', so when I was invited to the baby shower for Claire the Mum of my niece it was the perfect reason to try and create my own 'Nappy Cake'.

I found this extremely clear and perfectly narrated video on You Tube by 'GreatAunt.co.uk' and I was pleasantly surprised at how much easier it was to create than I expected.

You can tailor your 'Nappy Cake' to be perfect for the 'Mum to Be' that you are making it for. I chose purple as this is very Clare and I added sparkly butterflies and purple ribbon to match.

If you would rather buy a nappy cake there are a huge range of companies you can buy these from. I will be doing a round up of the top 10 nappy cakes available to buy.

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