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Top tips for flying with a toddler

Ethan is a very lucky boy as he has flown to Lanzarote, Cyprus and Croatia and he is only 2 and a half. When I was young we always holidayed in the UK so we will certainly make sure he learns as much about our gorgeous country as well as the world.

“Holidays are all about creating memories and I want to ensure Ethan has some amazing memories from his childhood of fun filled holidays”

Every time we travel with Ethan there are always new things to think about. How many nappies and change of clothes do I need, to how am I going to keep him occupied for the whole travelling time.

Top seat tip

Just before Ethan turned 2 we wanted to make the most of the free seat and so booked a last-minute holiday to Cyprus. Although we did end up booking him a last-minute seat of his own for a minimal cost of £70 for both ways. I would certainly suggest this tip to anyone who has a little wriggler on their hands as we had 3 seats to ourselves which although Ethan slept on me it was ideal to have this extra space. Although we were lucky because the flight obviously hadn't sold out but I would suggest it's worth an ask.

How to keep a toddler engaged during a flight

One idea which worked well was to have a number of gifts wrapped up which I pulled out through-out the journey when needed. This was ideal so if Ethan was getting bored or we had to wait longer than expected a little gift to occupy him made all the difference.

As a lover of sharks I found a shark drawstring bag from #Matalan and filled it with five gifts. Always pick items which your little one is going to love and that will keep them busy for a while. Ethan loves vehicles so a mini ambulance and fire engine where a huge hit! Granny bought him a magic colouring book which fascinated him keeping him busy for hours. We also included an activity book and some mini Fireman Sam reading books. Last of all we couldn't not include some chocolate so what's more perfect than a kinder surprise.

Some may feel this is not ideal but I have tried this idea on all three flights we have taken Ethan on and as long as you time the gifts perfectly they have worked for us. Ensure gifts are bought out before the melt-down begins so they receive them as a way of distracting them from the boredom and not as a gift for having a meltdown. Occasionally I have had to use them all on the way out, sometimes they have lasted until the return journey.

Don't forget the snacks!

Ethan has a huge appetite some days and so when travelling it’s all about the snacks. So, forgetting them would not be an option! He loves raisins, any fruit snack and Kiddylicious crisps. I made sure I took enough to last both journeys and also to last the week.

These are just a few ideas which have worked for us and I am certain when we travel later this year we will face new issues. I will be sure to let you know about any new ideas which work for us.

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