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Planning my best friends Hen Party, what a complete privilege

When my Best Friend 'Laura' asked me to be her 'Maid of Honour' I was totally overwhelmed and so happy. My answer was a big fat yes!. Along with supporting and helping Laura on the run up to her big day, I was tasked with the responsibility of arranging her hen party, and so the plans began along with my fellow bridesmaids to ensure we planned Laura the best Hen Party Ever!

As a very creative individual Laura has always put in so much effort for all previous hen parties she has been on. She is an extremely thoughtful person who will ensure she makes that special event perfect and so the pressure was on for us to ensure that her Hen Party was the best she had ever been on.

​We decided upon Bath as our destination for the weekend as it offered us the beautiful Spa's and the stunning scenery of this amazing City. Laura however had no idea of the plans. All we told our hen to be was that she would need to take the Friday off work, we gave her a list of things to pack with a few random extras, we didn’t even tell her how we were getting there until the Friday morning​

The weekend began with us catching the train to London and meeting everyone at 'Make, Shop, Do’, which is a Cafe by day and a bar by night with their quirky point of difference being that you take part in crafting. Although we couldn’t afford the crafting in our budget we did enjoy a luscious breakfast, tea and bubbles. It was a splendid morning with great service from the staff at Drink, Shop, Do. If this sounds like the kind of place you would love then ensure you check their website out. www.drinkshopdo.co.uk

We played some fabulous games, which included ‘The Pant’ game, what on earth is that I hear you say. This idea came from a friend and sounded like a hilarious and fabulous idea. I have done this game on another hen party recently and so will write an article about the game so the fabulous pants the hens designed can inspire you.

Along with these games we also asked everyone to write their ‘first kiss’ down and we also asked everyone to write a memory about Laura. We mixed them all up and she had to pick them out of a bag. Both of these games worked fantastically, each hen took turns to read one them out and Laura had to guess who the first kiss and memory belonged to. This was a rather emotional part of the day as Laura is such a lovely friend to so many people.

​Once the fun and games had finished our next stop was a cab to catch our train to Bath. Laura still had no idea where we were going; it wasn’t until we got on the train that she actually saw the destination. She was so excited and overwhelmed about not knowing where we were going but then ecstatic when she found it we were heading to Bath for the weekend.

We arrived in Bath mid afternoon so enough time to head to our accommodation, we had found the perfect flat for us for the weekend. It was so Laura with the patterned furniture and the quirky old feel. We all loved the flat and would recommend it for anyone visiting Bath to hire out. It was a great price, had everything you needed and was very central to the hustle and bustle of beautiful Bath. http://letsdobath.co.uk/house/the-loft-sleeps-10/

The first thing we did was to pick our beds for the next two nights and then it was time to hand out the goody bags. I also feel it’s a lovely little extra to give the bride and hens a goody bags, this would usually include goodies to be use over the weekend.

We kicked off Friday evening off with a ‘Ghost Walk’ we met the guide Fiona outside the Garrick's Head and made our way around Bath for an hour and a half learning about the local ghosts stories and tales. This was a fabulous choice as it was very interesting but also fun. I made everyone a cheeky vodka and cranberry in our special Ghoul bottles as you can see below.

After the Ghost Walk we headed home to get dressed up for the evening. In true Hen Party traditional we had a theme for the Friday evening, which was anything ‘patterned’ as Laura loves prints we felt this was fitting for her. Amina a fellow bridesmaid and great friend designed Laura the most stunning brooch and sash. I will be doing an interview with her on a later date so you learn more about this talented young lady. We planned a chilled evening on the Friday and headed to a fab restaurant called Opa. This was the perfect venue, it was such a beautiful setting and the food was delicious. We had a fabulous evening. We played a few games in the restaurant with one being Mr & Mrs where we gifted Laura some personal and thoughtful gifts. I will do a post on suggestions for gifts for the hen on her special weekend. We ended the evening with some traditional Greek plate smashing which finished the night off perfectly.

Saturday as we hasn’t had to late a night we were up early feeling fresh for our morning at Britain’s original natural thermal spa and what a few hours it was. It was such a relaxing treat, with the various spa pools, steam rooms and even the pool in the open air on the roof it was just superb. If you are visiting Bath any time I would 100% recommend you take time out to relax and enjoy this magical place.

Once our time in the Spa came to an end we headed back to the apartment and it was now time for our afternoon of crafting. Everyone put on their aprons from the goody bag and the crafting competition started. We asked everyone to bring a sock with them, which they had to decorate however they liked to make a sock puppet. Myself and the other bridesmaids had bought lots of crafting goodies with us, including buttons, ribbon, beads, thread, felt and many other things. The crafting began and the sock puppets started to come to life. There were some fantastic ones from the designers in the group as you can see from the below. We asked one of the girls who couldn’t attend the whole weekend to judge which one she would pick to win and no surprises but Laura won. I think we were all in agreement that she should have won.

For our Saturday night we planned a sophisticated night out with a black / sparkle theme. Everyone got dressed up in their party dress and we made our way to our second restaurant choice for the weekend which was the fabulous Martini Restaurant. We couldn’t fault this place, we drank fabulous cocktails, ate wonderful food and had the best service. http://www.martinirestaurant.co.uk

Our next stop of the evening was Bath’s best Cocktail Bar Circo. We drank some fabulous cocktails and then danced the night away. We got Laura doing some fun games at this point little dares for her to do including doing a plank and lunging to the bar. Laura was a great sport, she didn’t grumble at any of the dares she just got on with them all.


Sunday was a chilled day we just had lunch at the flat had a little wonder around Bath and caught the train home.

As you can probably make out from the post the weekend was a complete success and everyone especially Laura had the best time, which is all I could ask for. I love to arrange things ensuring that all the finer details are just perfect and I feel that this is shown from the depth we went into making this the perfect weekend for Laura.

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