• Charlotte Woods

Relighting my creativity

As a very creative person I feel I lost my way a little and have not been as creative over the past few years as I‘d like to have been.

Being creative is so good for the soul and brings me so much joy. I’ve always been creative from a young age and have just thrived in this area. I remember getting my only GCSE A* in ‘Art & Design‘ and had to double check the result. I went on to gain a BSc (Hons) Degree in Textile Design, where I specialised in knitwear and have aimed to be creative since graduating, however life has got in the way.

Having recently visited the ‘Dior‘ exhibition at the V&A I was totally blown away by the creativity and returned home with the longing to have my own creative space at home. My partner was so on board with this idea that he is going to build us a creative shed for the garden and I can’t wait. We started destroying the area of the garden which we will use for it today 😊 I doubt it will be finished for a good few months yet but l am pleased we have started.

I have a great collection of crafting items to fill it with an old knitting matching, a tailors dummy, my sewing machine plus a huge range of wool, fabrics, buttons and loads of stationary items. We are also going to include an area for Ethan so we can ensure we do at least 2 crafting activities with him a week. He loves to paint and draw so I can’t wait to set up his own craft area full of fun activities. Ethan is already a creative person with his love of hats and picking his outfits as the age of 2! So I think he will gain a lot from this new space.

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