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Self-care is essential to be the best version of yourself!

A few months ago on one of the many Mum facebook groups I am part of I read a post about writing a story for a fabulous book idea. I still can't believe I was chosen to be part of such an amazing idea but I am very proud to be.

Angharad Davies is the wondeful lady behind this fundraiser project;

What if life meaning was just as important as life milestones to our children? We are crowd-funding a co-written book of over 60 mums and their messages to their children on life meanings, beliefs, purpose and passion. Not only will this book inspire, but it will also make a huge difference to vulnerable children, as 100% of the profits from book sales will go to funding grass roots projects tackling children's emotional well-being. OUR GLOBAL MISSION The Positive Motherhood Project wants to infuse a focus on life meanings into a generation of children. We want beliefs, meanings, purpose and passion to be the driving force for children all over the world. And we're starting with mums! We want to inspire mums everywhere to look inwards, reflect on their values, beliefs, life meanings, purpose and passions and share these with their children. We would be very grateful for any contribution to our campaign.

If you would like to help us raise enough money to print the book please click here..

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