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Special Gift ideas for Mothers Day

Being a Mum has certainly made this day mean even more to me. I know that you do not need a special day to spoil your Mum and show her how much she means to you, but I love the idea that as Ethan grows up he will hopefully make me homemade cards and maybe buy me the odd thoughtful gift. Something to make me laugh I am sure as he is a comical character, or I might even be treated to a Fire Engine if I am lucky!

I am extremely lucky to still have my Mum and so treasure this every day, with a focus on days like Mother's Day to show how much I care. I am also so lucky that she lives about 20 minutes away and so I get to see her most weeks. This is also lovely for Ethan as he has such a special bond with my Mum. We are also lucky to have Adam's Mum close so we get to spend quality time with her often and again Ethan has a most special bond with her. He calls them his 2 Nan's! :-)

Gift Idea for Mother's Day 2020

Through the years, I have bought my Mum a number of gifts but have found it harder to know what to buy her as she gets older. I always try and buy something personal and thoughtful. My Mum is a floral designer and so buying her flowers is out of the question for any special day as she has flowers in the house all year round.

I have pulled together a selection of ideas which I have bought Mum over the years to help those who need some inspiration.

I adore this necklace we bought for my Mum a few years ago.

I picked the three gemstones which were relevant to mine and my bothers birthdays. I also had the necklace engraved with our names. My Mum loved the gift

Available from 'Not on the High Street' and designed by Rachel Jackson London

Last year for my Mum's birthday I put together an album of pictures, it started with images of us as babies and was filled with images of us all through the years to the present day. I left at least a third of the album empty to fill with pictures through the year. Each year for her birthday or mother's day I will be printing out pictures for her to add to her album.

The leather photo album I choose was this stunning one from BeGolden available on 'Not on the High Street'.

I haven't bought this for my Mum, but I have for my sister in law and she loved it, so I feel it would make the perfect mother's day gift. There is a huge range of travel jewellery cases available and truly believe you would be able to find the perfect design for your Mum.

Below are a few options from Etsy but you can buy these from a range of stockists.

One special gift I have received from my little boy was a personalised Monica Vinader bracelet. It is one of their rope bracelets with an engraved bar saying 'I love you Mummy' on it. I loved this gift and feel it is a lovely idea for first time Mums.

You know your Mum the best

I feel like you know your Mum the best and so pick her something which you know she will love. Maybe a personalised item is not for her and she would prefer something simple like flowers, or it might mean more to her to spend some quality time with her. You could treat her to a day out or a Sunday lunch or even cook for her.

Over the past five years, Mum and I have made sure that we take a day to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in London as they have some fabulous exhibitions on each year. We have been so lucky with the exhibitions we have seen which include Alexander McQueen, Mary Quant, Dior and Vogue plus a number of others. I know that this is something we will do each year and will be a day we will both love as it is quality time together. We always treat ourselves to lunch and a glass of champagne in the V&A restaurant. It is always such a prefect day and one of fabulous memories.

If you are lucky to still have you Mum around, I do hope you manage to find the perfect gift for her and if you are lucky enough to be a Mum, I hope you are treated to something thoughtful.

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