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Style Your Downton Abbey Tea Party

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

I wrote about the Downton Abbey themed 'Tea Party' that I did back in 2013. With the launch of the much anticipated film I felt it would be ideal to keep this as part of my new themed blog as I imagine there will be a number of 'Downton Abbey Tea Parties' happening especially when the film is launched on DVD.

I planned this tea party when I had two of my best friends come and stay. We spent 6 hours eating a luscious Afternoon Tea, drinking pomegranate and elder-flower fizz and playing Downton Abbey games whilst watching various episodes from the whole series of Downton.

As you are aware I just love making each event special, so I researched how to make this a memorable day for my friends; so I began my search for how to make this a day never to be forgotten. As you can see from my pictures below I found some fabulous decorations online, including some amazing games which we have thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon.

I found the bunting on a beautiful blog called Little Vintage Trailer;


I used our pictures in the room to put up sayings from the show, I found these on the below link, they made us chuckle all day; http://www.ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com/2013/01/fridays-freebie-downton-abbey.html

To make this the perfect tea party I raided my Mum's house and borrowed some amazing goodies; this included the glass jug, cake forks and lace trimmed napkins which I used as a tablecloth. I was lucky enough to be given a china tea set years ago from a Great Aunt which turned out to be perfect for afternoon tea. I made a selection of sandwiches, including cheese, traditional cucumber and egg mayo. Along with these we had cheese scones which @mclaurs and made which tasted amazing. The savoury course also included hula hoops, cherry toms and picked onions. Obviously you can pick your favourite food for this course, maybe you would prefer ham sandwiches & a salad.

Next was the most important course CAKES! I had a baking marathon on the Friday before and made us flapjacks, chocolate & coffee cupcakes & the most important cake, the impressive Rainbow Cake. I had bought a recent issue of BBC Good Food & challenged myself to create this cake. Although I wouldn't say it has turned out perfect I feel it was a great first attempt and it certainly tasted amazing. Why not have a go yourself....


Last of all we come to the games which I found on the web. These included cut out paper dolls of Lady Mary & Matthew, O'brein & Thomas & Dowager Countess. Check out the printouts on the link below.


I first found this idea on the 'Sisters Suitcase' blog,

http://www.sisterssuitcaseblog.com/2013/01/downton-abbey-party-invitation-printable.html It's a fantastic blog full of great ideas for every event so I am sure I will be referring to this blog for future ideas.

The best game was Downton Bingo which was fantastic. We ended our day watching a few episodes of Series 2 whilst playing this game. It was great fun and one we all recommend to do if you are a Downton fan. You can find the print outs on the link below.


This weekend was just perfect and I loved I sharing it with two of my closest friends. It was certainly full of laughter and lots of fun. I hope that you are inspired to arrange your own Downton Abbey Tea party & I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

Would you like to see a new version of my 'Downton Abbey' Tea Party?

I love an excuse to arrange an event and so would happily put together a themed Tea Party for the new film.

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