• Charlotte Woods

The Conscious Party Box

In today's world I feel it is more important than ever to think about being conscious of waste when planning a party. Especially during recent events of lock-down and seeing how the world has reacted to the decrease of human activity and pollution. Our beautiful world is thriving again and it is our responsibility to look after our planet and do all we can to ensure that is lasts and survives for our children's, children's future.

One way to do this when planning an event is to be conscious of what we buy when planning a party. Make sure when choosing your decorations you can reuse them or recycle them. If you are planning party bags make sure you choose items which will be used and won't just end up as landfill.

At 'The Conscious Party Box' they have designed their party boxes so that everything can be used again, so nothing is wasted. Everything they have sourced and manufactured is compostable, recyclable or reusable and because it comes as a complete kit they have taken the hassle of party planning away.

You will find a handy guide to setting up your own waste free party on their website and they will soon be launching a fantastic range of party bag gifts which will entertain the children and last longer than the car journey home.

I love how everything included in their kits are biodegradable, recyclable or reusable and am looking forward to reading how you can reuse their items around the house; I am hoping they launch this page soon.

Check out their party boxes below, the designs are so vast and colourful and I am certain you could match a box to any party theme. I love the rainbow themed box and the clown theme.

Which is your favourite?


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