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The perfect Baby Shower

When your extremely talented best friend plans you the best baby shower you know it's going to be perfection!

As an organiser I am always the first one to offer help when it comes to planning friends baby showers, hen parties, in face any event but when it came to my 'Baby Shower' I could down tools and relax as I was so lucky to be thrown the most amazing baby shower back in May 2017. I have wanted to share what my best friend arranged for me and finally I have the time to do this.

“What better way to celebrate the imminent arrival of your bundle of joy than sharing laughter and fun with your best friends and family.”

I really couldn't of asked for a better baby shower, it was so me. Every little detail had been thought about but as an extremely talented Textile Designer I would not expect anything less from my best friend Laura.

Baby Shower Games & Decorations

I am lucky enough that my Mum could have the baby shower at her home which was so special as this has been my family home since I was 4. The day started in the garden as the sun was shining and I was treated to a gorgeous brooch which was made my talented friend Amina; find her at 'BigA littlez'

I love the thought that has gone into creating this one-off design and I shall treasure if forever, as you can't beat homemade gifts.

Whilst we all sat enjoying the sunshine we played a game, 'Stitch, Switch & Steal'. Everyone got given 3 raffle tickets and a number of wrapped gifts were placed on the table. Laura would shout out a number and if you had this number on your raffle ticket you could pick a gift. As the numbers were called and the gifts were picked, things got exciting once there were no new gifts available to pick as you were then able to steal prizes from others. There were a number of gifts which seemed to be on everyone's list as the ones to pick and so they were passed from person to person. The game finished once everyone had used their 3 tickets and those who had a prize in their hands at this point were the lucky winners. This game was such fun and kept everyone on their toes. It also broke the ice and got everyone talking as not everyone knew everyone.

Laura planned so many activities for the day including 'Baby Predictions', 'Guess how many jelly babies fill a jar'. She also created the most gorgeous picture for everyone to add their finger print to which I placed up in the nursery straight away. I love that I have this personalised keepsake which I will treasure forever.

As a keen crafter Laura also created a 'Crafting Station' for everyone to make the baby a bid or baby grow. This was such an amazing idea and one everyone loved. It also gave me some personalised goodies to use when the little one arrived.

Along with the superb games the girls had put together the most amazing spread and my Mum had arranged a stunning cake. It was white chocolate and coconut with a Fox and Woods theme to match our two surnames.

I was so spoilt during this special day and as well as the fabulous games, cake and food I received some amazing gifts from my closest friends. As part of the nursery, Adam and I put up a bookshelf ready for the arrival of our little one. Laura had asked everyone who attended the baby shower to bring a book for our little bundle of joy. It was such a thoughtful idea as I read Ethan books which have been gifted to me by my best friends and family. Each book has a little message written in them which I absolutely love.

Along with the books 'Baby Fox and I' were so spoilt. I am so thankful to my amazing friends and wonderful family for making it the perfect day.

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