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The We Talk

An old friend recently sent me the 'Let's Talk about Love, Baby' game which is part of the 'We Can Talk' collection of games. I felt truly honoured to be asked to review this wonderful new concept and also excited to spend quality time with the other half.

There are so many things I loved about this game. The packaging is so sleek and I absolutely love the print, the box is the perfect size to store away and is such a solid box which I love as so many games today come in weak boxes which don't last long.

When it comes to the game wow what a fun idea. You can either use all four decks of cards together or pick a pile which suits your mood for the evening. I would say all four sections work for any relationship as I'm certain you will find out something new about your loved one.

We've only managed the 'Quickies' questions so far but it's a great way to learn new things about each other, there were certainly a few things which I didn't know about Adam and visor-versa. One question I had to think about the answer for was 'What's my absolute favourite place on earth?', I would say it has to be a quiet beach listening to the waves and breathing in the sea air.

Looking through the other cards I can't wait to go through the remaining packs.

'It's about us', I feel these questions would be great to use for a date night as they bring up memories so you can reminisce about the past. We have done so much together since we started dating and so it would be lovely to discuss these great memories.

'Let's celebrate you' includes some lovely questions, celebrating each other's best qualities. This would be a great game to play if one of you is feeling low and needs a pick me up. Life today is so busy that I know we don't celebrate each other enough. The questions included in this section include 'You make me a better person because.......' and 'My heart skips a beat when you do this for me.....''.

The final pack is called 'Deep Talk', these questions are key ones to know about each other such as 'How do you want to be buried?, and 'What are my short comings in our relationship?'

Since having our son Ethan, date nights don't happen often enough and so this game is a great way to create a home date night. I love the four sections and love how the cards make you think and learn more about your partner. These cards could be used early on in a relationship to ask daring questions to find out more about each other. They are certainly working for Adam and I as it's be great to learn more about each other.

If you are interested in finding out more than visit their website today.


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