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The wonder of a wishing tree!

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

We visited Audley End Railway for the first time this Summer and as I am sure you can tell if you follow me on Instagram that it was just magical. I loved everything they put together for this fairy spectacular and have already booked to visit the Christmas event.

As part of the fairy trail they had a ‘Wishing Tree’, where kids could write a wish on a leaf and hang it onto the wishing line; such a wonderful idea.

I love the way that this it is interactive and feel it could be used for many occasions.

🔷 Used to encourage good behaviour. The child gets to complete a wish leaf if they are good all week. I would suggest they are reviewed at the end of the month, and then one could potentially become a reality for good behaviour.

🔶 It could be used inside or outside depending on the space you have and the weather. The leaf could always be laminated so they last longer outside.

🔷 It could be used at a party for those who attend to write a wish for the birthday boy or girl.

🔶 Used as a game where you write a fun activity to do on the leaves. The child would pick the leaves off and you would complete the activity.

🔷 Used as a way to encourage writing and to teach your children new words.

I will certainly look to use this in Ethan’s Garden at some point as I feel it would fit in perfectly.

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