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Top tips to help you plan your next event

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

As an extremely organised individual and one who thrives on the challenge of the next event she has to organise planning an event comes naturally to me. Somehow this extremely stressful process of planning an event doesn’t seem to phase or scare me it just excites me and makes me want to prove and ensure that every event I arrange is planned down to the finer details and that nothing is likely to go wrong on the day.

Through my Event career I have planned various events ranging from ‘Press Events for the UK Fashion press’ and running Weddings at a highly recognised Cambridge venue, to planning an ‘Alice in Wonderland Summer Party’ and 'Alan's Challenge' which involved over 100 people and a 25 obstacle assault course. I thoroughly enjoyed all of these events; and crave the excitement and rush of ensuring every event I plan runs perfectly.

I understand that this joy I have for planning is not one which everyone holds and that the thought of organising any event can leave most people with a feeling of dread. It can leave them super stressed with the thought of planning even just a small party. Now that we have the Internet we are surrounded with images, ideas, pretty much anything we would like for our event. This I imagine adds to the dread, as there is just so much choice.

As someone with an organised mind I would suggest that for any event you follow these simple rules to try and make your event as easy to plan as possible so that it runs as smoothly as possible.

✅ Always ensure you decide upon your theme and stick with it. There are so many ideas that you can easily get lost with switching your ideas again and again but this will just add extra stress to your event. So always stick with your initial idea.

✅ Decide upon your preferred date and ensure that you provisionally book everything needed for your event before confirming and signing any contracts. This will include suppliers such as your chosen venue, caterers, entertainment etc. It is always best to get everything booked and confirmed before inviting guests, as you may have to amend your date to confirm your preferred suppliers.

✅ Ensure all guests are invited as soon as the date and event is confirmed. This will ensure your guests have as much notice as possible for your event which will ensure as many people as possible can attend.

✅ Ensure an Event Plan is created for your event outlining everything to ensure that there is no room for mistakes.

✅ Create a marketing plan if needed to ensure that your event is marketed to all those who you would like to attend.

✅ Create a running plan for the day so that you have a plan of exactly what should be happening when to ensure that nothing is forgotten and no mistakes are made.

✅ Ensure you listen to feedback after your event to ensure that you can improve.

I do hope that my top tips will help you plan your next event and I do hope that my blog helps you with ideas to ensure that your next event does not fill you with dread.

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