• Charlotte Woods

What I want to achieve in 2020!

2019 has been a year full of special occasions with some fabulous memories but it has also been one of the hardest years for my anxiety and emotions. I know there are various ways to understand my anxiety further, learning how to deal with how it makes me feel and also looking at ways to deal with it. However I only just feel like I am ready to tackle it head on and so 2020 sees the start of looking after me and making sure I can cope with my feelings better.

One of the ways I have helped myself this last year is I found the world of podcasts; yes I maybe slow off the mark! I have listened to a number, with my favourite being Fern Cottons 'Happy Place'. She interviews the most interesting people who have dealt with a diverse range of issues, they are very honest and it makes you realise that everyone has issues to deal with. They manage to normalise what you are going through :-). I would highly recommend listening to podcast's to anyone who needs some help and guidance with a specific issue. There are hundreds of podcast available, which cover every subject.

This year has seen a number of celebrations including Ethan's 2nd Birthday, my Dad's 70th, my little brother married his true love, it was my 40th and also a number of my friends 40th. I have visited a spa for a weekend, been to The Ritz for afternoon Tea, watched 'Magic Mike' and am lucky to have a number of friends 40th celebrations in 2020! I can’t wait for more celebrations and memories to be made.

I am heading into 2020 with a positive outlook with a number of personal things to achieve, including developing my marketing knowledge, planning more events and also helping my little boy continue to grow into a funny, cheeky big 3 year old!

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